Why talk about Marriage?

Why talk about Marriage? I have asked myself that question a lot as I have been thinking about starting this blog. I am by no means an expert on the subject like James Dobson and Dennis Rainey. I have not been married as long as many people that will read this (Suzanne and I have been married for 7 1/2 years). I am not the perfect husband (I know Suzanne is shocked to read that).

Since Suzanne and I became a part of NewSpring in June of 2000 I have had the opportunity to observe many couples succeed in marriage and many couples struggle with it. As a result of my time at this church, God has placed a passion in my heart to do whatever I can to help couples succeed in marriage. One of the privileges I have in my role as Pastor of Care and Outreach at our church is to meet with engaged and married couples and talk with them about what God says it takes to be successful in marriage. I have learned a lot from those meetings. I honestly think that those couples have taught me more than I have been able to teach them. The most important lesson that I have learned and try to pass along to others is that you will never be successful in your marriage if Jesus is not the focus of it.

So why talk about marriage? Because I believe with all of my heart that marriage is God’s idea. God created it and He celebrates the union of a man and a woman who have given themselves to each other having first given their lives completely to Jesus Christ. I also believe that your marriage will never be what it has the potential of becoming until you understand what God’s purpose and plan is for marriage. Believing that Marriage was designed by God is important. Because when you understand that marriage was designed by Him, that leads you to constantly look to God for wisdom and Guidance in how you live out your marriage.

To the married and engaged couples that are reading this, I want you to understand that to be successful in your marriage, you must understand how God defines success for marriage (I will talk more about this in detail another day). God has a plan for your marriage and that plan is that together the two of you would be able to go farther, and accomplish more for God than you ever could on your own. God’s plan is for your marriage and your lives to glorify Jesus Christ every day to the people that God places around you and for you to spend the rest of your lives together making the name of Jesus famous.

Many of you may be thinking that there is no way my marriage could ever look like this. “My relationship with my wife is too damaged”…”you don’t know how my husband has hurt me”…”I don’t have the energy to fix what’s broken.” To those people I would say that we have a God that loves to bring dead things to life. We have a God that heals hurting people, and we have a God of second chances. God is for you and your marriage! Will you trust Him?

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