God’s Call – Part 2

How do you sense and hear the call of God on your life for what He has specifically called you to?

There are 4 questions you should ask to discern what God is specifically calling you to do…

1) What does the Bible say?

You have to spend time in scripture. God’s main way of communicating to us is through his word. Scripture truly is “living and active.” God wants to speak to us, but we are hampered from hearing His voice if we will not spend time meditating on His word and seeing what He would say to us. God many times in my life uses my time in scripture to confirm what He is leading me towards.

2) What do the circumstances say?

You have to be open to what God is doing around you. What opportunities is God bringing your way? What is God doing in you and around you to prepare you for what He has for you? What circumstances is God allowing into your life (this may be a uncomfortable situation or trial He is allowing) that he is wanting you to learn from? In asking these questions you have to be mindful that you can’t base your life completely off of circumstances. If you did, you would be on an emotional roller coaster daily (If you just thought to yourself, “I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster daily,” then stop living your life just based on circumstances). We have to believe that God is soverign and look for the opportunities and life lessons He is going to provide through circumstances.

3) What do godly people around you say?

Many times when I am struggling with something or I need wisdom, I seek counsel from people I trust in my life. I think it is biblical to seek guidance when considering plans for the future.

Proverbs 15:22 (New International Version) 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel,
but with many advisers they succeed.

Find people that know you and that you know love Jesus and ask them for advice. It may also be helpful to seek out wise counsel from someone you trust that hears from God, but may not know your circumstances very well. This will sometimes enable you to get wise counsel from someone who is not emotionally involved in your situation. The key to this is finding people who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, because they are afraid of hurting your feelings.

4) What does the Holy Spirit Say?

To have confidence to move ahead with what you feel you are called to do, you have to know what God is speaking to your spirit. Does the Holy Spirit speak to us? For many years I often wondered if I was truly able to hear God’s voice or if I was just imagining that God was impressing things on my heart. As I sought the answers, I found a godly, older gentleman named Dutch, that was friends with my father-in-law and took a 2 day trip to go spend time with him. I talked to Dutch about a lot of things on that trip. Then, I asked him the main question I was seeking guidance on. I asked him “How do I know if I am hearing God’s voice?”His answer was not what I was expecting. He said to me “God is talking to you, are you listening?”

I think his answer floored me becuase, I often would assume that God was just choosing to stay silent or refusing to answer my question. God is speaking to us. Sometimes, we are unable to listen or choose not to. He went on to talk with me about many things that could hinder me from listening to God and lies I had believed about how God felt about me. Here is the main thing I learned from that conversation…Often times we miss God’s voice because we only listen for what we expect him to say, instead of what He is really saying. God is speaking to us…we just have to learn to hear his voice and remove the lies and distractions around us that hinder us. Have you ever noticed that the answers that Jesus gave to people when they asked him quesions was normally not what they expected him to say?

Jesus, teach us to hear your voice. Give us ears to hear what you are saying through your Holy Spirit. Speak to us in a way that we can clearly understand what you are saying. Shatter any lies and misconceptions we have believed about you, and give us the courage to follow your lead and your call in our lives.

next week we will pick back up this conversation and talk about How do you know when your not called to something? And what do I need to understand to follow through on God’s call in my life?

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