How to be successful in ministering to others

Today the care staff had a planning retreat to evaluate what we are doing well, what we can do to improve, and what our goals are going to be for the rest of 2007. It was a good meeting, and we had a great time growing stronger as a team. My favorite part of the meeting today was the time we spent talking about what God has been teaching us. The most amazing thing to me is how God has been teaching all of us similar things. I am so excited to see the way that God is going to move in our church as a whole and specifically in the care area in the next 6 months.

During the conversation about what God has been teaching us, we talked for a while about what God has been teaching us about what it takes to successful in ministering to others. Here is what God is challenging us on.

1. I must be with Him before attempting to serve others for Him.

2. I must minister in the Power of The Holy Spirit, not the flesh.

3. I must be authentic and real.

4. I must be under authority.

5. I must remain teachable.

6. I must be a team player.

7. I must be a minister to the whole church, not just in my area of expertise.

8. I must be diligent in pointing others to Him. He will not share His glory!

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