God’s Call – Part 4

God has called you to make an impact. You feel a restlessness inside your spirit. You have an inner desire to follow God in a specific way. You have the confirmation and encouragment from other godly people who sense that you may be called. So how do you prepare for what God is calling you to do?

1) Have a willingness to listen. God will reveal what you need to know each day. Listen for His voice. Make time in your prayer life to be quiet and still so that you can discern what He is saying.

2) Maintain obedience in the small things. Be faithful to the things you know that God has called you to do now. Those things might seem small…but we must be obedient in the small things, before God will move us on to something bigger. What is the last thing you know God called you to do? Do that thing faithfully, and with excellence, and when it is time to move toward something else, God will make that clear. God is never late…but He is not going to be early either. God’s timing is perfect.

3) Brokenness and humility. We need them, God will work through them. It is easy to get prideful or self reliant. We must always rely on God and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and not our own flesh.

4) Maintain spiritual growth. If there is anything I learned from being a biology major in college, it is that if something aint growing, then it is dying. God wants to grow us up…for that to happen, we have to spend time with Him. You have to be open to what God is teaching you and the preparation he is taking you through for what is next in your life.

5) Be open to the wisdom and correction of others. We can learn a lot from the people God places around us…to do this, we have to follow point 3.

6) Remember that God initiates a call, we obey.

Some examples from scripture:

Abraham (Genesis 12); Moses (Exodus 3); Isaiah (Isaiah 6); Peter, James, and John (Matt. 4:18-22); Matthew (Matt. 9:9); Paul (Acts 9); Mary (Luke 1:26-38); Jonah (Jonah 1-4).

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