Food Drive

I am so excited about the way we are going to reach out and meet a need in our community this weekend. This Sunday, during all 4 services, we are collecting food for the Salvation Army and Anderson Soup Kitchen. If you didn’t get to read Perry’s post on why we are doing this yet, Here it is again…

Let’s Step Up BIG TIME This Sunday

Ok NewSpringer’s…here’s the deal…

I announced yesterday that I was BOTHERED by an article in our local paper in regards to the food pantry at the Salvation Army. It seems that there is such a need for food in our community that they are running out.

I was mad–very mad! It angers me that people in Anderson, SC cannot eat–this should not be! And we CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! I announced yesterday that it is time for our church to STEP UP BIG TIME and let’s fill up the food pantry at the Salvation Army.

Well–today–after gaging the response from yesterday AND becoming aware of yet another food pantry in our community that is also going empty (the Soup Kitchen) we have decided to FILL BOTH FOOD PANTRIES!!!

Folks–with a church our size there is NO EXCUSE as to why we cannot supply these two incredible organizations with food! And I am not asking for everyone to just merely get excited about this and say “yeah God,” I am asking EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walks in the doors this Sunday to come LOADED UP WITH FOOD so needs can be met in Jesus’ name.

(Parents–this would be an AWESOME family project, to go shopping together as a family and explain to your kids why you are doing this…and then let them help bring this food this Sunday!)

If you didn’t get a “grocery list” this past Sunday–below are the five items that we have been requested to provide. (Please do not just bring a bunch of random stuff!)

  • Canned meat
  • Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
  • Canned Beans
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Rice

NewSpring–LET’S DO IT…let’s be a light in this community and make a difference in a tangible way!

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