Food Drive Update

What an amazing day!  We just finished unoading all of the food that our church donated yesterday.  This church is amazing! NewSpring, you went above and beyond in being generous and meeting a need in our community.  We collected a lot of different items yesterday, but I am sure that there is no more macaroni and cheese left in any grocery store within a 50 mile radius of this town.  I think we collected enough macaroni and cheese to give a box of it to every man, woman, and child in South Carolina!

When we initially planned to do this, we were going to do a food drive to meet the needs of the Salvation Army…then we heard the pantry at the Soup Kitchen was bare so we decided to share the food with them also.  We were able to do way more than we initially planned because of the generosity we saw yesterday.  Here are some stats about our food drive…

  • We completely filled up 4 organization’s food pantry’s…Salvation Army, Soup Kitchen, Haven of Rest, and Anderson Interfaith Ministries.
  •  We filled a storage room at the Salvation Army waist high with food.
  • When we got to the Soup Kitchen, their pantry was completely bare…and when we left an hour later, it was overflowing.
  • When we finished unloading at the Salvation Army, we still had almost half a truck left, so we went and knocked on the door at the Haven of Rest (a local shelter in Anderson) and we completely filled up their loading dock and food storage area.
  • We completely filled up the Soup Kitchen Pantry and another whole room that they don’t use for food storage, and still had enough to take 2 trailer loads to Anderson Interfaith Ministries.
  • We unloaded 1 – 7’x 24’ moving truck, 3 – 6’x12’ trailers and, Paul Marshall’s pick-up truck that were all completely full of food.
  • It took 11 guys 5 hours to unload all the food.
  • 2 trailers were so full that we could not move them last night and one trailer weighed so much that the base of the trailer jack on it was buried in the asphalt.

It is amazing the difference a church can make in a community when people will work together and give generously toward a common vision and purpose. 

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