One more baptism and Jellyfish story

I drove to the beach thursday after work to meet my family who had been on vacation last week. I was so excited to see Suzanne and the kids after being gone from them for a week, but I was really anticipating what was going to happen the next day at the beach.

The day before my family left for the beach, My brother-in-law Brian, came to talk to me about what God had been doing in his life. It turns out that God had used Perry’s message on Baptism the week before to really make him think through his baptism he experienced early in life. God spoke clearly to Brian and told him that he needed to get baptized since he was previously baptized before he truly believed in Jesus for Salvation. Since Brian and the rest of my family was leaving for vacation before NewSpring’s baptism service on Saturday, he asked me if I would baptize him when I got to the beach.

When we woke up on Friday morning, we all ate breakfast, and then as a family we sat and listened to Brian talk about what God had been teaching him and revealing to him. Then we got everyone ready and went to the beach. We got in the water and Brian got baptized in front of our family and several curious strangers. It was one of the greatest honors of my life to get to baptize a member of my family and one of my best friends in the ocean like that. Brian, thank you for being obedient to what God called you to do. I love you man! Thanks for being one of my best friends in this world. God has some great things in store for your life. Thank you for being such a great husband, dad, and man of God. God will bless your obedience to him.

And yes…there was a jellyfish incident at the baptism also. After the baptism, brian and I stayed in the ocean and talked and body surfed some waves for a few minutes. On the last wave I rode in to get out of the water, I had a Jellyfish wrap around my foot. Wow…I didn’t know that a baptism service could be so painful! I tried rubbing sand on it, but that didn’t work. There was one more remedy I have heard that helps Jellyfish stings. I am humbled to say that “yes I tried it,” and “yes it really works!” If you don’t know what I am talking about, then ask a friend and they will explain it to you.

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