Rule #2 for Practical ways a man can serve his wife

This past Wednesday I taught the second session of our 5 week premarital class. The main talk in that session was about understanding how God wants a husband and wife to treat each other. It’s all about serving each other and seeking to meet each other’s needs no matter what. I heard a wise man say one time that “If a man and woman want to have a successful marriage, they should spend the rest of their lives trying to out serve each other.”

After talking about what a Husband’s role is in marriage and how God has called him to lead, we talked about 12 practical ways that a man can serve his wife.

#2 in that list was – If your wife calls, answer the phone.

I have not always done this well, but this is now a way that I am committed to serving Suzanne. Except for my relationship with Jesus, nothing comes before my wife. There is nothing else on this earth that takes priority over Suzanne (not even my weekly meeting with my staff…they all know that I will cut them off in mid sentence if my wife calls…and I won’t feel bad about it). She is my first ministry! It is one thing to say that she is a priority to me; it is another thing to show it by my actions.

I know that there are many of us that are busy and have important things going on during our work day. But I saw someone put this into practice last week here.

Guys, if Rudi can stop a presidential campaign speech to answer the phone and acknowledge his wife, then so can we!

Gentleman, this is a small way we can show our wives that they are the priority in our lives. Here are some other things that go along with this principle:

If I don’t have my phone with me when she calls, that means that I call her back as soon as I see that she has called.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have a 30 minute conversation every time the phone rings, but it does mean that if your phone rings, and it’s your wife, you can at least tell her that you are in the middle of something and will call her back in a few minutes (If you tell her you will call her back within a certain amount of time, you should do it).

That means if we are going to be late getting home, we need to be respectful to her and call and let her know why we are running late

That means that your wife has a right to know your schedule, when you are going to be somewhere, where you are going to be, so that she can have peace of mind, and so she knows when the best time to talk to you would be so she doesn’t call during an important meeting (Suzanne knows my meeting schedule each day…so if she calls during a meeting I am in, I know it is important and I need to talk with her).

If you are in a meeting that you can’t be interrupted in, your wife should have another way to get to you in case there is an emergency (text message, another person you work with that she can call, etc).

There are a lot of other ways a man can practically serve his wife…I will share some of these later this week.

Suzanne, I love you with all my heart. I know that I don’t always do it right, but I am committed to showing you by my actions that you are my priority every day. Thank you for the way that you serve me and the kids every day. It is easy to serve someone that always serving me the way you do. Thank you for marrying me!



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