Practical ways a man can serve his wife – part 2

I hope you enjoyed the first part of this list, here are some more things husbands can do to serve.

5) Listen to her – don’t interrupt her or try to fix it

Guys, we are bad about this.  If you are like me, the way you work is to see a problem, get the basic facts about that problem, quickly analyze the best options to take care of the problem, then attack the problem and utterly destroy it.  When your wife comes to you to talk about something going on in her life, we can not treat what she is dealing with like this.  What that communicates to her is that we don’t really care what she is saying, we just want her to hurry up and finish talking, so we can tell her what to do, so that it can be forgotten about. 

Our wives are way smarter than us!  And most of the time they already know how to fix the problem, they just want to share their lives and struggles with us.  Really listening to her and trying to understand what she is feeling, will show our wives in a practical way that we love them.  Interrupting someone that is bearing their feelings to us is rude.  We need to listen to understand our wives and what they are feeling, and then we only need to offer to fix it when she asks for help figuring out what to do.  Many times they need our support way more than they need our advice.

6) Help her around the house

Doing chores around the house is one of those things that many couples have conflict about.  Many times this conflict arises because we have differing expectations about who should be responsible for doing a certain task, or we do not properly communicate what we need help with to our spouse, or sometimes someone is just lazy and doesn’t help.  Whatever the reason for the conflict…there is no reason to have conflict about household chores.  If you live at the house, you need to help out with maintaining it.

My wife is a cleaning machine!  I am a blessed man because Suzanne loves to clean and takes care of a lot of the things that need to be done around our house.  My wife works hard to make our home a warm and inviting place to be.  But, I realized early in our marriage, that one of the ways I can express love to her is to help her around the house when she needs help…and it really expresses love to her when I do things around the house before she even asks me.

Guys, if your wife serves you by cooking you dinner, then you should step up and do the dishes for her.  Is the trash can overflowing, then you should bag it up and take it out before she asks you to (also I have learned that the trash is not officially taken out until a new bag is in the trash can…Why can’t I remember to do that?).  Has your wife been with the kids all day…then maybe you can give them a bath tonight and give her a break.  Did you use the last bit of toilet paper, then you should get a new roll and put it in the dispenser and not just leave it on top…please flush, spray some air freshener, and make sure the lid is down when you are done!

This might even mean that you have to step up and do something that you don’t enjoy.  I hate folding laundry, but when my wife needs help with it, it is a small sacrifice to make, to partner with her in keeping our home clean and showing her that I want to serve her.

Guys the most important piece of advice I can give you is go ask her what you can do to help her around the house.  I promise you that she has in mind what she would like your help with.  And when she tells you…write it down, send yourself an email, do whatever you need to do so that you can remind yourself of what she needs and do those things for her on a regular basis.

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