Practical ways a man can serve his wife – part 4

9) Personal hygiene

Guys we stink! One of the ways we can show our wives that we love them and want to serve them is by recognizing the fact that we stink and doing something about it. Personal Hygiene is important to our wives. And…if you like having times that are intimate with your wife…she will be much more likely to participate in those if you don’t smell bad.

The following recommendation might result in a humbling conversation, but you should ask your wife what you can do to improve in this area. And when she tells you, invest in the hygiene products and practices that she recommends. And take a shower at least once a week whether you need to or not.

10) When you are home…be home

I know that many of us are very busy and our jobs demand a lot. But when we get home, we need to drop the craziness that is our daily job and focus on our wife and kids. Our family deserves our attention and focus, and they will not get that if we answer the phone, email, text, etc…every time someone from work thinks they needs us. We are just not that important.

I know that there are times when you have to take a work call and do something extra outside of work hours…but let that be the exception and not the rule. God designed us to be relational beings. We are not just robots or machines that produce all the time. We all need to find a better balance for our lives and we need to focus on our families more. It is great to accomplish tasks, but if we do that and don’t develop the relationships that are important, we can go through our whole lives and accomplish a lot and have missed out on all the joys that come in life.

I read a survey once done on a group of people that had just retired. They were asked if they could change one thing about their lives, what would it be?

The overwhelming majority did not say that they wished they had worked more, worked harder, or made more money. Most surveyed said that they wished they had spent more time at home…more time focusing on the people they loved the most.

When we get to the end of our lives, are we going to wish that we had spent it focused on other things, or are we going to make the changes we need to make now to give our wives and kids the attention, time, and focus that they deserve?

One of the main ways we can show our family that they are important to us is by giving them the time and attention they need and deserve…today.

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