Q&A – Is God telling 2 people something different about a relationship?

Q:           How do you deal with and possibly move on from a dating relationship that you totally felt God leading you into and guiding you in (maybe even toward marriage way down the road), but the other person did not feel the same way?

 A:            Thanks so much for your email.  Situations like this are tough to deal with.  I do know that God does not play games with us and He will not play games with you about this situation.  But sometimes our own emotions and desires can get in the way of what God is truly saying.  Sometimes we miss what God wants to show us because we listen for what we want Him to say and not what He is really saying.

If God is leading you to be in a relationship and possibly marry this person, then that will happen in His time.  But even the right person at the wrong time is still the wrong person for now.  Maybe God needs to do some work in one or both of you to prepare you for marriage.  Or God could be protecting you from something/someone you think you want now, for something/someone else you will truly need and want in the future.  My advice would be that if the other person does not feel the same toward you right now, then take your hands off the situation and release this person/relationship to God.  Give this person the space they need for God to speak to them.  And take the space you need for God to clearly speak to you without the distraction of this situation.  Trust God to give you His best.  If this is the person He is calling you to marry, then He will restore the relationship in His time.  If it is not, then God has someone better for you that He will bring to you.

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