Integrity – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago in this post I gave this definition for integrity…

Integrity = being a whole and complete person. Integrity is wholeness and effectiveness. Jesus wants us to be whole and live effective lives that honor Him and live lives that show others that He has radically saved and changed us.

This statement came to life for me when I was reading this passage.

After He had healed the woman Jesus said to her in Mark 5:34 “go in peace.”

That was a powerful statement to this woman. It doesn’t have as much of an impact today because our understanding of the word “peace” today and His might differ. We would define “peace” today as “the absence of conflict”. As a Christian we are actually promised that we are going to have conflict with the world…so that is obviously not what He meant.

When Jesus told her to go in peace, He used the word shalom. Shalom is translated correctly as “peace,” but a fuller meaning of the word is – “the presence of wholeness and fullness of health and life.” In other words Jesus was saying to her, “I have healed you of your problem, now I want you to be whole.”

Are you whole? Has God made you at peace? Do you have wholeness of life?

That is what Jesus wants for us. But often we don’t live a life of “shalom.” The problem comes sometimes with our understanding of Salvation. We understand salvation as a legal transaction…and it is. We are sinful, God is holy and just. There must be payment for our Sin. God provides the payment for our sin through the blood of Christ. That is a profound truth that I will always be amazed at. But Jesus’ view of salvation was bigger than just the legal transaction that takes place.

Yes, God forgives us for our sin and moves us over from death to life at the moment of salvation. But there are many people that I have seen that are saved, and few that are whole. Jesus wants more for us than to just save us and then to let us move forward in our lives with nothing different than our eternal destination. Jesus wants to heal your soul.

He wants to do more than forgive you…He wants to bring restoration to your life. We, as believers, are completely forgiven…and now He wants to make you into the person He originally created you to be. He wants to give you a life that can be more than you ask for or imagine. He wants to make you whole…to make your marriage whole…to enable you to fulfill the reason for your existence – finding Him to be your very life and glorifying Him in everything you do

He wants us to view salvation as more than a future promise of heaven. Some Christians have the attitude…”just hang out with us until we die and then it will get better.” Eternal Life starts the day Jesus saves you, not when you die. As believers, we are living eternal life now! If it was only about heaven, Jesus would take us there as soon as we accept his grace. But scripture says that He came that we may have life and have it to the full! Heaven is awaiting every believer, but Christ wants us to live in fullness today.

If Jesus has saved you, have you allowed him to bring you wholeness of life? This is a messy process. It requires him uprooting sin and unforgiveness. It requires you to being open to seeing sin the way He sees sin…and seeing people the way He sees people. It requires trusting God and seeking His perspective instead of relying on our selves.

You can’t have full integrity until you allow Jesus to bring you wholeness and fullness of life. He truly wants us to “go in peace.”

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