Questions to ask before getting married

One of the questions I get asked a lot by folks that are dating is… What questions should I ask myself when considering marriage with the person I am dating?

I was looking through some files this week and came across a list of some great questions to ask. Some of these are appropriate and challenging to those of us that are already married too!

1) Am I more eager to meet his/her needs before getting my own needs met?

2) Will our lives make more of an impact for Christ together than they would separately?

3) Do I want to look across the Breakfast table at her for the rest of my life?

4) Do my parents think I’m in love? Can they see me with this person for the rest of my life?

5) If this person does not change after I marry him/her am I willing ot live with him/her weaknesses for the rest of my life?

6) Does this person have the character that I would like to see reproduced in my children?

7) Are both of us disciplined enough to be married?

8) How does your future spouse treat his/her parents?

9) Do I want to marry his/her family”

10) Are your lives compatible?

11) Can you commuicate honestly and openly?

12) When you disagree can you discuss things calmly and come to a mutual agreement/solution?

13) When you quarrel can you readily forgive and get on with it?

14) Do you respect this person?

15) Does this person respect me enough and honor God’s word enough to not be involved with me in any sexual way until after marriage?

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