Integrity – Part 3

More things that God revealed to me by reading this book


– To have integrity, we must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has strengths/weaknesses. Whether or not we have character and integrity will determine if we are successful while we are operating in our strengths.

– To live out our integrity we must connect with people. I have seen many Christians that feel the need to speak truth to someone about a situation, and then get frustrated that the person did not listen to them. Speaking the truth is vitally important, but connection has to be important and sought after first before simply trying to be right.

– To be able to connect with someone, you have to trust them. Trust means not having to guard yourself with someone. We all need this kind of trust and someone that we can be open and real with. This type of trust is built and confirmed by someone looking out for the interests of others and being able to relate to them.

– I can trust God because he is for me. He looks out for my interests even when I am not aware of it. Thank you God for being trustworthy with my life!

– Trusting a leader whether it is a supervisor, pastor, husband, or God will never be accomplished unless I allow vulnerability in my life

Vulnerability – We must let others relate to our humanness or they can’t trust or connect with us.

– To have integrity we must be real. We can’t be fake with people everyday (especially the leaders God has placed over us), and then get mad at them when we feel like they don’t understand us and can’t relate to us. To be real we must be vulnerable with the people in our lives. It is the only way that they will truly be able to see a life that God has transformed and is sanctifying daily.

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