Integrity – Part 4

Reality is always your friend.  We must be in touch with the way things are before we try to change things to where we want them to be.  We must seek to find out what reality is and then we will know the truth.  Do you know what the reality is about your integrity?  It takes choosing to be real and looking at ourselves and our failures/flaws objectively.  It takes having people in our lives that will speak truth to us.

Proverbs 27:6 – “Wounds from a friend can be trusted”

Do you have any friends that love you enough to tear down any false perceptions that you believe?  We must have a hunger to hear the truth about our character from others.  We must get honest feedback from ourselves and others to get a clear picture of who we really are. Seeing faults realistically in ourselves helps us to self-correct. 

Who has God placed in your life to speak hard and honest truths to you?

We must be honest with who we are, and be willing to cooperate with God as He refines us.  Only then will we be able to minister to people that we are called to speak truth to.

As people called to minister to others, we must see people as the whole of who they are and never judge them based on 1 or 2 mistakes that frustrate us.  Jesus always had the perfect balance of calling out sin in someone’s life and making them feel loved at the same time.  I want to learn how to have balance like that in how I speak to people.

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