Peyton v/s the mouse

Today is my first day back at work after the holidays. We had a wonderful Christmas and I got to spend a lot of time with my family. My favorite moment from the past couple of weeks came a couple days ago.

I was getting Peyton and Lauren ready so we could play together outside. Peyton went outside before Lauren and I and started riding his bike. about 30 seconds later I heard Peyton let out the most horrible scream ever. I ran outside as quick as I could and he was standing in the garage screaming and crying his eyes out. I asked him what was wrong and all he did was scream and point. I looked to where he was pointing and saw a twitching, dying mouse.

Peyton screamed, “daddy…its still moving.” When I realized that the mouse wasn’t going anywhere and the whole situation started to make since, I realized what had happened and started laughing.

When Peyton saw me laughing, and the look in my eyes, the biggest smile came over his face. I asked him to tell me what happened. In the most proud tone of voice I have ever heard a 4 year old use he said, “I ran over it with my tricycle.” I gave him a high five and told him good job and explained to him that we don’t like mice in the house. When he saw my reaction and saw that I thought it was cool, he completely calmed down and then got so excited for killing the mouse. Then we picked up the mouse with a shovel and disposed of him in the woods in triumph!

God really used that for me to remind me that my kids are always watching me. It’s not just important what I say and do, it is also important the attitude that I choose to say and do it in. Peyton mimicked my reponse and instead of continuing to freak out, followed my lead and responded the same way I did. What a challenge to remeber that as parents, every circumstance is an opportunity to disciple our kids.

This was also a reminder to me that I have a perfect heavenly father who loves me and is teaching me how to respond to circumstances that I am faced with in life. Even when I freak out a circumstances, He stays calm. All I have to do to learn that type of calm is to be with Him and learn how I should act acording to His word. My prayer for this new year is that I will better learn how to follow His lead and respond to everything that happens in my life by choosing to follow my father’s word!

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