Discipleship – The Painful Process

As I have been meeting with people over the last several months, many of those conversations have turned into a discussion of the discipleship process that God is taking every believer through.  This process is not easy.  The main reason its not easy is because we all feel that we have a right to be comfortable.  God many times has to shake us free from our misconception that we have a right to be complacent and comfortable.  God is not concerned about our comfort.  He is concerned about our character.  Because of this God will often times lead us out of our comfort zones and through a difficult season of life.  He does this because He loves us.  He does this because He has great plans for us.  He does this because He is molding us into the image of Jesus so that His plan can be fully accomplished.

I have recently been reading a great devotional book by Joyce Meyer called The Battlefield of the Mind.  Here are her thoughts on this subject.

“The plan that God has for us eventually changes us into His image.  We are destined to be molded into His image.  That may sound spiritual, but in reality, it usually hurts.  I often think of clay being pressed into a mold, and wonder how the clay would feel if it had feelings.  Being changed into an entirely different shape would probably be painful.  If we take a lump of clay and press it into a mold, there is always too much clay to fit, and some pieces must be discarded.  I found that there was more of me than would fit into the mold of Jesus Christ, so many of my thoughts, words, and actions had to be discarded.”

“We must go through things that are difficult and learn how to respond to them the way Jusus would.  We must not give way to the fearful thoughts and feelings that attack us.  We must learn to remain steadfast, knowing that no matter how things appear now, God will work them out for our good-and in the process, He will use them to make us better people.”

“God’s purpose in everything that happens is to make us more like Jesus Christ.”

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