The truth about people – part 3

2) People are Worshipers

You are a great worshiper! You might not believe that, but it is true. You are a great worshiper because you are made in God’s image. God is infinite and is the only thing worthy of our worship. Because we are made in His image and created to worship Him, each of us has in our nature the need to worship something.

The problem is that often times the object of our worship is not what it needs to be. You see worship is not just the time when we sing on Sunday. It is not the time we spend at church. Worship is the activity of the human soul. Every day, wherever we are, we worship. Worship is what you spend your time, money, focus, energy and passion on. What are you worshiping? We each have one throne in our lives and something will sit on that throne. Often times we allow things, money, relationships, experiences, and even ourselves to sit on that throne. The problem is that those things don’t satisfy. Your soul will never be satisfied until you are truly worshiping God.

What is true worship?

Paul answers this question well in Romans 12:1

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.

Worship is surrender. It is dying to ourselves and our rights and understanding that the reason that we are on this earth is to know Jesus and glorify Him instead of trying to worship ourselves or other things that we are not designed to worship.

The best sermon I ever heard on Romans 12:1-2 was a message Perry Noble gave to our college Bible Study at Anderson College, before NewSpring even existed. It was a life changing message for me. Perry talked about what it meant to offer ourselves as a sacrifice. In Biblical times the Jewish priests worshiped by offering burnt sacrifices to God. In this passage, Paul is speaking to an audience that understood the process of sacrifice in worship. Worship in these days wasn’t pretty. Actually it was messy and bloody. A whole sacrifice was given…a life had to be laid on the altar to God. Nothing was held back. God didn’t just require a part of an animal that the animal could choose to offer and then continue on with it’s everyday life unchanged. The whole animal; the whole life was required. That’s worship. And that imagery and understanding is what the Holy Spirit prompted Paul to use to explain what it means for us to worship as we offer our “bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.”

God changed my perspective of worship through Perry’s message that night. You see God is not after me to just sing praises to Him one or two hours a week. God is not after 10% of my money. God is not seeking to get me to volunteer for an hour or two per week. God doesn’t want part of me. God wants my whole life. To offer it completely to Him and not hold anything back. To worship God in spirit and truth, I can’t just offer parts of myself (time, money, effort, things) that I feel like offering and then live the rest of my life unchanged. God wants it all. Until I surrender and offer my life to Him…until I die to myself, I can never fully live the way the Author of Life wants me to live.

How could we ever stand in view of a blood stained cross, understanding that Jesus sacrificed it all for us to be made right with God, and tell Him that He can only have the parts of our lives we are comfortable letting go of?

We will never truly be satisfied in life until we worship God in spirit and truth with our whole selves. There is one throne in your life. What’s on that throne?

The object of our worship is important because scripture says that we are defined by what we worship. More on that soon…

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