Busy weekend at NewSpring

We had a busy weekend here at NewSpring. Here is what the Care and Outreach Ministries were busy doing.

– Our Handyman Team was busy with 2 projects on Saturday. You can read about what they did and see some pictures on Jamie’s blog here.

– On Saturday Night we had our Live Free Live Loud Concert. You can click here to see how much money we raised for 3 awesome ministries (Haven of Rest, Anderson Interfaith Ministries, and The Crisis Pregnancy Center). We also had an awesome fireworks show after the concert.

Perry Noble preached one of the best messages on prayer I have ever heard yesterday. Watch it here. This One Prayer series has been incredible!

– We also baptized 101 people at NewSpring this Sunday! During each service we showed 1 testimony video. They were each incredibly powerful and I wanted to share each of them with you…

1st service – Mike Runge

2nd service – Neicy Goodine – after this video, the 2nd service stood up and cheered!

3rd service – Samuel Ramirez

4th service – Sara Wilson

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