Wrong reasons to get married – Part 1

1) Feelings

Feelings often get us married, and then feelings get us divorced too. You should feel love toward the person you are marrying, but often times people will get married and the main reason is because “he/she makes me happy.” There is nothing wrong with being happy, but what happens when you are not happy any more? If we believe that marriage is all about our happiness, then when we are not happy…we walk away.

Love is not an unavoidable emotion that you can’t control. Love is a choice, and if we live our lives based solely on feelings, we will often make unwise decisions that God has not directed us to make.

2) Sexual attraction/involvement

You should be physically attracted to the person you are preparing to marry. If you are not something is probably wrong. But this is not the main reason to get married. I heard a wise man say one time that there are 2 important things to remember about people who look good…1) they don’t stay that way, and 2) they don’t stay that way.

God has a plan for physical intimacy and that is one man and one woman in the bonds of a marriage covenant. If you are living a lifestyle outside of this boundary, you are hindering your ability to hear God speak to you about that relationship. Sin always clouds our ability to hear from God. You desire true intimacy from your future spouse, that is what God desires too. Sexual involvement before marriage is false intimacy. It is trying to reap the benefits of marriage without the covenant. God’s plan for physical intimacy works. It saves true intimacy for marriage and protects husbands and wives from the effects of sexual sin that can seriously damage a future marriage.

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