Wrong reasons to get married – Part 2

3) Social Pressure

Sometimes people rush into marriage because they feel their biological clock ticking. They made it through college and did not get the MRS degree they went there for. They are worried they will never find someone so they settle. Don’t settle! Wait on God’s best for you. God’s timing is perfect, and He will bring the right person to you at the right time.

The pressure of time that you feel is a cultural expectation that is often times not realistic. I have talked to many single people that consider settling because they are comfortable with the person they are dating even though they know that person is not God’s best and not willing to invest the time it will take to get to know somebody new. It is worth the time and effort (and sometimes some lonely weekends) to wait on God to provide His best.

4) Family Pressure

This goes right along with social pressure, but often times family gives more pressure than anyone else. Some of you are tired of going home or to family functions and being asked if you are seriously dating anyone. Other people’s preconceived time table for your life should not dictate you pushing forward with anything.

5) Escape

There are some people that come from tough family situations. Getting married and living with your spouse will truly be an escape from that situation. The problem comes when you get married to escape and not because that is what God is clearly directing you to do. I have seen many people that down the road regret the decision to marry because they thought getting married would make their problems go away.

All of these reasons that people get married that I have listed may play a part in that decision. They should not be the main reasons that people enter into a marriage covenant. My hope and prayer with these posts is that people will see some of the false motivations for marriage and will only proceed with marriage because they realize that God is calling them to marry the person they are engaged to.

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