Questions every staff member should ask themselves about their Pastor – Part 1

1) Do you trust him?

I know as a staff member that whenever we get asked that question about our boss that we know we should say yes…because we don’t want to get fired. But what is the real answer. Do you really trust him? For your church to function correctly the answer must be a genuine yes. If you don’t truly trust him, your future work in that ministry position (and his) are going to be frustrating. Because he is going to make decisions that you will disagree with. And when that happens, how you respond will show if you trust him. Are you mature enough to disagree and still submit to his leadership? He is never going to lead the church your way, and you have to choose to trust him to lead and submit to his authority.

There have been a handful of times in the years at NewSpring that I have disagreed with a decision that Perry made initially, and the majority of the time God has shown me in the days after that decision that Perry made the right call. And the small percentage of the time that he was wrong, I have not been the one that had to find a way to make the correction happen. God has always taken care of communicating that to my pastor in His way and in His time.  The role of someone who trusts their pastor should always be (in times of agreement and disagreement) to pray for him consistently, to ask God to speak clearly to him, and to talk with your pastor about a specific situation in love and respect only when God gives you the clear prompting to do that.

Do you trust that your pastor hears God? There are two things I know is going to happen every morning. The sun will rise, and Perry Noble will have his quiet time. He will spend time with God and listen to His voice on how to lead our church. I trust that God speaks to Perry and I trust the he knows how to discern God’s voice. That makes it easy for me to follow his leadership and submit to the authority that God has placed over me. I can trust my pastor and follow his lead because I know that He listens to our God who has always been trustworthy to us.

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