Questions every staff member should ask themselves about their Pastor – Part 2

2) Can he trust you?

This will be shown by your actions more than your words. Are you trustworthy? Things are going to constantly change as your church grows. Maybe your job will change. Whether or not you are trustworthy will be shown in how you handle that transition. My job has changed here many times. The first time it happened it was very difficult for me. I felt not good enough, I was hurt, I almost quit. I was choosing to be a victim. God taught me some difficult truths during that time and used those experiences to give me some perspective. Things are going to happen in ministry that will hurt you, and when those days come you have a choice to make. Do you believe that God is sovereign, or do you choose to be a victim? I eventually chose to listen to God in each of those situations and choose to trust him and the leadership of the church. It was the best decision I ever made. God is sovereign over my life and I am not a victim. If you had told me 8 years ago that I would be leading the care and outreach ministries for our church I would probably have quit on the spot. But God in His sovereignty led Perry to transition my job several times to prepare me for what I am doing now. Now, I could not imagine doing anything else. Thank you Perry for listening to God and being willing to do what was best for the church (and for me) instead of worrying too much about my temporary hurt feelings to make the right decision.

Are you going to be at your church for the long haul? Your pastor needs to know that he can count on you. He needs to know that he can depend on you to be there and that your heart and mind are devoted to the vision God has given your church.

If you are wondering whether you are trustworthy or not, let me ask you something that will help you to know that. Each of us has a job description for what we do in our ministry role. The last part of each staff member’s job description has this item attached to it. “Perform any other duties as assigned by your supervisor.” When you see that on your job description does that pump you up or piss you off? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to see the vision that God has given your church accomplished or do you complain when something out of the ordinary falls in your lap? Are you trustworthy?

Let me say this in closing. If that last question about your job description did piss you off, you might need to go back and read part one. You will never be pumped about going the extra mile in your job unless you genuinely trust your pastor and know that he will not abuse that clause in your job description. You have to trust him to truly be trustworthy for him. And if you are still upset about that question, you might need to consider whether or not you are in the right position in the right ministry.

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