Did I accidentally take the mark of the beast?

In light of the end times series we are doing right now.  I thought this would be an appropriate Q&A to share:

Q: Can I get your opinion on something? My job is getting hi-tech. They are starting a new program where you have to use your finger print to clock in and out.  How do you feel about this? Is this me taking the “mark of the beast”?  I could use your opinion on this to make me feel better.
A: Thanks for your question.  I do not feel that the finger print scanner is the mark of the beast.  You should have no fear in using it.  The mark of the beast is something that will be implemented by the antichrist and false prophet in the end times.  It will be a thing that the whole world will be forced to do to buy or sell goods and is found in scripture in Revelation 13.  The mark of the beast is not something that someone will take accidentally.  It will be a mark that people will choose to take to take to show their allegiance to the antichrist.  I believe that no true believer will take the mark Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you or help you in any way.

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