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December 23, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

God has done amazing things this year.  Thank you God for the way that you heal!  Here is one story of what He has done for a family in our church:

On February 28th this year, NewSpring held a service entitled  Superstitious or Supernatural.  At the end of that message the church had volunteers and staff that prayed for people who needed a miracle in their lives.  My husband and I were watching the service on the internet that Sunday and as I sat there listening, I wondered if God would choose to perform a miracle in our lives.  For the previous two and a half years we had tried to start a family.  After countless tests, surgery the previous year, multiple IUI’s, and one failed IVF we were beginning to loose hope that we would ever be able to have that baby we had hoped and prayed for.  As I sat on the couch that Sunday watching the service I knew there were countless people who knew our story, many of which were praying for us at that very moment.  I wish I could say that I had unwavering faith that day that God would answer our prayer but after so many ups and downs I only had a glimmer of hope.  In spite of my doubt, God did indeed choose to answer our prayers that day and one month later I learned I was pregnant with out the help of the doctors or medicine. Today I wanted to let the church know that on that Sunday, God did work a miracle and performed the supernatural.  We are happy to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter, born December 15th 2010.  She is our Christmas miracle.

December 21, 2010

NewSpring Shoe giveaway impact

It has been a week since the shoe giveaway.  And we have continued to hear story after story of how it impacted the students, teachers, volunteers and NewSpring staff that were involved.  This year at the school we helped in Anderson we wanted to do something to bless the teacher and employee’s at the school as well to help provide for some needs in each classroom.  Here is one note from a teacher that talks about the impact that made:

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful presents you gave our children. The looks on their faces and the fact they have a brand new pair of tennis shoes that fit mean the world to me. Then I received the huge blessing in my box from you all. Not only will my husband and I enjoy going out to eat, my kids will be able to have more supplies for our classroom. It means a lot that you all understand how much we pour into our classrooms. But what means the most is the handwritten note I received. It means a lot that someone took the time to write it to me. You all are a blessing and are being Jesus to our kids.

Thank you NewSpring for the way you give!  Your generosity makes stories like this possible.

December 19, 2010

Shoe Giveaway at NewSpring

This past week NewSpring had the privelege of giving away shoes and socks at 4 elementary schools across the state to 1,592 children.  I have had the privelege to be a part of this for the past 4 years and it is always such a powerfully moving day.

In Anderson at Homeland Park Elementary School, there was one little girl that got so excited when her shoe box got opened and said to the volunteer that was helping her, ” I have always wanted a pair of shoes just like these, I love them.”

That is one story out of 1,592 that our staff and volunteers experienced this week.  I wanted to share one quick email we got from a volunteer that helped with the shoe giveaway in Florence and the impact that they saw:

I just wanted to share a story with you all.. I am a member of NewSpring Florence and I had the opportunity to be apart of our shoe give away at North Vista school here in Florence! I have a story to tell because I was so blessed by what happened that just I had to share it with you:

I am a dance teacher, at a local dance studio, and I got to see several of my dancers at North Vista Elementary School today.. one in particular I knew danced on Scholarship and when I saw here at North Vista I was blown away by her surprised yet sweet face looking up at me saying “do you go to the church that gave us shoes?” I replied “yes” Then she said “Thank you so much, my feet are in a new home and they like it.” with a smile on her face. I was brought to tears by this precious 5 year old who was so happy to receive her new shoes! She then gave me a hug and said “Bye, I’ll see you at dance this afternoon!” So later on this evening she came to her dance class, with her new shoes on, and her Mother told me (with tears in her eyes) please tell your Pastor THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking of these children. She proceeded to tell me how tough life is for her right now after having her 3rd child under the age of 5 and how Kennerly wasn’t going to get to have a big Christmas, but these shoes have made her so happy she doesn’t want to take them off.. I can attest to that, she didn’t want to take them off tonight so that she could put her ballet shoes on.

I know that this is only 1 of a multitude of stories that a lot of people can tell, but I thought that it was so precious, and it really hit home with me! It showed me how much I DO have and how much I complain on a daily basis about little things, when there are children walking around with holes in there dirty socks and the sole of there shoe split in half. This shoe giveaway meant so much to me and I am so blessed and honored to be apart of a body of believers who just give no matter the cost!! I was taught a LOT today and it will never be forgotten!! Thank you for all that you do!