NewSpring Shoe giveaway impact

It has been a week since the shoe giveaway.  And we have continued to hear story after story of how it impacted the students, teachers, volunteers and NewSpring staff that were involved.  This year at the school we helped in Anderson we wanted to do something to bless the teacher and employee’s at the school as well to help provide for some needs in each classroom.  Here is one note from a teacher that talks about the impact that made:

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful presents you gave our children. The looks on their faces and the fact they have a brand new pair of tennis shoes that fit mean the world to me. Then I received the huge blessing in my box from you all. Not only will my husband and I enjoy going out to eat, my kids will be able to have more supplies for our classroom. It means a lot that you all understand how much we pour into our classrooms. But what means the most is the handwritten note I received. It means a lot that someone took the time to write it to me. You all are a blessing and are being Jesus to our kids.

Thank you NewSpring for the way you give!  Your generosity makes stories like this possible.

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