A Christmas Miracle

God has done amazing things this year.  Thank you God for the way that you heal!  Here is one story of what He has done for a family in our church:

On February 28th this year, NewSpring held a service entitled  Superstitious or Supernatural.  At the end of that message the church had volunteers and staff that prayed for people who needed a miracle in their lives.  My husband and I were watching the service on the internet that Sunday and as I sat there listening, I wondered if God would choose to perform a miracle in our lives.  For the previous two and a half years we had tried to start a family.  After countless tests, surgery the previous year, multiple IUI’s, and one failed IVF we were beginning to loose hope that we would ever be able to have that baby we had hoped and prayed for.  As I sat on the couch that Sunday watching the service I knew there were countless people who knew our story, many of which were praying for us at that very moment.  I wish I could say that I had unwavering faith that day that God would answer our prayer but after so many ups and downs I only had a glimmer of hope.  In spite of my doubt, God did indeed choose to answer our prayers that day and one month later I learned I was pregnant with out the help of the doctors or medicine. Today I wanted to let the church know that on that Sunday, God did work a miracle and performed the supernatural.  We are happy to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter, born December 15th 2010.  She is our Christmas miracle.

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