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January 26, 2011

Great story of generosity at NewSpring

God has done so many amazing things already in 2011. He is obviously working on renewing people’s hearts and showing people how to serve one another. On January 23rd, Perry challenged people to minister to younger generations in the church. Tyler experienced God’s provision while attending NewSpring’s Anderson campus that day. Here’s his story:

“So I left my car unlocked in the parking lot. Today, when leaving the Anderson NewSpring campus, I found that someone had entered my car before I had left…and they put $100 on the floor. I was blown away. Apparently the message today really spoke to someone, and they acted on it. I’d like to thank whoever that was that felt God calling and answered. I’d also like them to know they bought lunch at Ryan’s for eight hungry college students. You guys are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing, NewSpring, because it’s working.”