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October 5, 2011

Random Thoughts on Psalm 1 – Part 1

Psalm 1 has been wrecking me lately.  God has been really doing a work in my heart challenging me with the truth that is there.  Here are some random thoughts I have had while meditating and journaling on this passage:

 “How blessed is the man…” Psalm 1:1

Who doesn’t want to be blessed?  I want God’s blessing in my life. Not necessarily material things. Those can be blessings, but I want to be blessed with how God wants to bless me.  What if what God wants to bring to my life doesn’t feel like a blessing?  What if I don’t perceive it as blessing?  But, what if it is exactly what I need from him or the thing He will use to bring healing in my life?

I need God to change my heart so that I don’t try to make my desires His desires.  What a futile struggle to try to convince God that my perception is right.  I need God to help me be willing to say “yes” to him before I even know what it is that God is wanting to ask me or bring to me.  I need His desires to be my desires and for God to move my heart into wanting what He wants and trusting that He is trustworthy.  I want to be blessed by God and to trust that He is truly sovereign over my life and wants to be good to me.

God has really changed my perspective on what blessing truly is through going to Kenya over the last several years.  Many of the people in Kenya that I saw were so blessed, not materially, but in their faith and confidence in who God is for them.

I remember on one of my trips there, God challenging me with the thought…What makes people think that getting everything they ever wanted materially in life is a blessing?  What if in righteous judgment, we are being turned over to the idols we are worshiping?  If things are the desire of our heart, in other words if Jesus is not our true treasure, then I believe that there are times that God, in His wisdom, lets us have the things that we are deceived into believing will satisfy us and turns us over to them to show us that ultimately those created things can’t fill our hearts and that they only leave us empty and wanting more.

Romans 2 tells us that it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance.  What if God allowing us to obtain “things” sometimes is not judgment, but it is his kindness allowing us to have those things we falsely believe will satisfy us to bring us to a place where we see our need of Him and repent of idolatry and look to him as our treasure and satisfaction.

What if sometimes God giving us “things” is truly blessing?  I know and believe it is sometimes.  He lavishes good gifts on His children, because He is a good father and knows how to give good gifts.  He does it sometimes just because He wants to, because He can.  I have found God to be the kindest person I have ever met.  Not just in what He gives me, but simply in who He is and who He reveals Himself to me as

I want God to bless me with the things that I need.  If that is material things, then I want to receive those in the right perspective and not turn those things into idols.  But more than being blessed materially, my heart longs for Him.  I want His presence, I want His peace, I want to see my God come through for me when I am struggling and hurting.

Thank you God for how you bless me and always knowing exactly what I need, when I need it.