Looking for a Marriage Devotional?

Here is a link to the NewSpring 21 Day Devotional for Husband and Wives

The purpose of this 21-day devotional is for married couples to grow closer to Jesus and closer together. Some of the devotionals will be simple to apply and some areas will be difficult and heavy. As a church we want to encourage you to make the effort to work through all 21 days with your spouse, answer the questions, and set aside time to talk together about what you read and what God teaches you. There may be days where it is awkward or uncomfortable, but having a healthy marriage takes work and it is worth it. Believe that God can renew your marriage and you can grow closer to your spouse than you have ever been. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but if we allow Jesus to work on our hearts and be the center of our union, our marriage can be more than we ever hoped for or imagined.

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